Saturday, April 9, 2016

HB-2 Charlotte and Gommorah

As a resident of North Carolina it should be easy to understand why I'd choose to comment on the national focus our state is receiving concerning a perverse and ridiculous clause within an effort to bring equality to the people.

North Carolina's electorates went to the current occupant of the White House because of the voting tendency within the Charlotte population.  It is otherwise known as a red state.  That being said it is no wonder that the minority clause allowing a transgendered person to use the bathroom facility according to the manner in which they dress or present themselves to the public found its way into an otherwise acceptable form of legislation of a municipal body.  As a presented city legislation, it directly challenged the state authority by undermining what a larger body of legislators thought to be unwise.  The state quickly convened and after three readings accepted a law which does not identify with Charlotte's liberal and perverse intention to assuage a deficit concerning inequality towards the people.

According to the news from Charlotte some 20+ events are now being rethought for scheduling within Charlotte. Non essential travel to North Carolina is being adhered to by other states that support the minority desires of the LBGT groups.  An estimate of some 12,000+ hotel room reservations for multiple nights is now being factored into the decision for economic awareness.

The city of Charlotte has stated that it needs another 125 police officers.  The city council is wondering where these funds will come from and debating whether or not to appropriate money from other first responding agencies such as the fire department for this urgent need.  It is urgent!  Each morning you turn on the news from Charlotte don't be surprised of a shooting or multiple shootings being reported as news. The city of Charlotte would rather make social injustice more of an issue to espouse rather than violent crime.

One would expect famous idiot celebrities and politically correct businesses to hold economic leverage against the state body of legislators as punishment for their reprobate concerns.  There is however a staggering amount of Pastors and Church Leadership coming to chastise the state for undoing the ridiculous permission of perversity within the Queen City of Charlotte. 

I would urge these churches to read and pray over Galatians 1: 7-9, in which the Apostle Paul has very harsh words for those proclaiming to teach God's word.

For the congregation I'd urge a reading and study of Romans Chapter 1.  Also read 1st Corinthians 10: 3-6.

The media is placing fear on the deceived by mentioning economic losses associated to being catastrophic by standing firm against the minority reprobates that do not understand the natural order of genders. They would shame us into being haters of mans' love for one another rather than to be humbled for God's love for us in obeying His ways of comporting our behaviors of a private nature for public ridicule.

I have repeatedly tried to point out how the media betrays the individual protections for agendas driven by the corrupt and powerful.  See my writing "Hypocronance".

I firmly believe that supernatural forces are preventing folks from knowing the true intentions of media manipulation so as to advance the announcement of the New World Order. An awareness has taken root that the media lies to us.  I am glad for this, but until the viewer realizes that they in watching the media are equal in the blame of the betrayal, the media will continue to betray us with what they deem as news worthy.

Unless we shut them off and make them pay attention based on decreased ratings, we will have no leverage.
Truly the media is an addiction tantalizing us with information suited as man's wisdom, otherwise known as foolishness to God.

This boycotting of North Carolina is only a test of things to come concerning what we will tolerate before departing from our path of eternal salvation. If the media, idiot celebrities, politically correct corporations and false prophet ministries can convince you that the perversity of transgendered rights is a social injustice you'd better begin worrying for your eternal salvation. God's justice will settle all wickedness in this world.  You don't want to be of those workers of iniquity towards God's natural truths.

Make straight the way of the Lord, He is knocking at the door.        

Peace and Blessings to the body of Christ's Church.