Wednesday, November 9, 2016

America's future

I didn't vote this past General Election.
I was certain that Donald Trump would win the election.
Here is why:

Hillary Clinton sought to grow the New World Order.
A type of oligarchy that controls all of what the little people do or say.
God's prophecy clearly states that the Roman Empire would be the last to rule before the end.
So plainly stated, no New World Order.

Donald Trump is a business man as well as a showman. He believes in his own way of doing things and quite honestly he doesn't care if he is offends anyone.

Our country has been in a darkening reality since the 9-1-1 attacks.
War seems to be endless, corruption, betrayal and moral decay permeates our culture.
Our economy hasn't recovered from the financial collapse of 07. The wealthy aren't interested in risk taking which would spur the economy. Those that are investing have plenty of competition to pay low wages.
Even the ACA legislation has produced problems none can figure out for any type of less expensive success.  Class, race, gender and political division tear us apart with no potential of a bridge to unity anywhere. After seven plus years of weary hope, change from despair was demanded.

The 1st faith of old America had been diminished.
Christendom had been compromised by all of the enemies onslaughts,
temptations and distractions. But when Americans finally had enough many prayed  for
relief of never ending politically correct insanity. Prayers were answered by President Elect Donald Trump.

There is a saying,
"Be careful of what you ask for you just may get it".
The bible warns the children of Israel what they will get in asking for a king.
1 Samuel 8: 7-19.
Paul tells us that the Old Testament Stories were written for our ensamples.
1 Corinthians 10:11.
Many but not all folks supporting Trump in the election were evangelicals.
I believe a report I saw for Evangelical turnout for Trump was an astonishing 84%.

Those in the establishment powers that tried to reinvent our culture as well as redefine our character have spoon fed us into accepting a morality which is not written in God's word. Anyone rejecting the forced change was ostracized, bullied, persecuted against 1st amendment protections as though the 1st amendment didn't exist. Years of abuse finally gave the masses one common goal and that was enough to rebuke the tyranny.

While those praying to God sought delivery, they did so while hoping in a man claiming he was the way to our salvation as a country. Does God use such men? You bet he does. Even the men that don't recognize God's supreme authority concerning the affairs of humanity.
Isaiah 44:28

Will America continue to pray or are they satisfied with the outcome and now gone back after the secular concerns of Laodician living?  Donald Trump claims to believe in God, but in his belief he believes he has no need to be forgiven.  He said this not me.

Do I believe God is using President Elect Trump for His creation?
Most assuredly I do believe it.  What I also believe is that America needs to repent from its laziness.
America needs to renew its faith for the blessings of all that God does.

The children of Israel went through cyclical seasons of worshiping God and turning away from Him.
They had plenty and lost much time and again, over and over. If America doesn't rise to the blessings God has granted and do His work as once done, we'll encounter the same struggles that Israel endured, but in a very short amount of time.

Our world is like the toes of the clay and iron feet depicted in Daniel's prophetic interpretation to Nebuchadnezzar. Will we be as in the days of Noah filled with evil, or will we be doing the work of the master?

I neglect to mention a second reason why I was sure of Donald Trump's victory.  I haven't be told to reveal it in this venue just now.  I'm sure it won't be long.  Knowing that the New World Order will never rise is more than enough for now.

Just because some feel as though victory is achieved, do not presume that it will be permitted long if it is taken for granted..  Satan's time is short and Jesus could be coming at any time.