Thursday, July 30, 2015

Worry Not

I remember a time when I didn't know God. 
I guess guilt, poor decisions and failures had me in doubt and in fear.
I couldn't sleep because my mind wouldn't quiet.  I laid hours in bed hoping to find sleep only to
see time change on the clock by the minutes.  All of the troubles in life seemed to that torment my nocturnal

Now I was raised as a Catholic so I knew who Jesus was, but those that considered Him important didn't impress me.  The acted differently, kinda overly careful of life.  Some told me that the things I did would find me in hell.  I didn't get along with many religious folks.  Life goes on and hope dwindles when your focus matures.  Situations of religious powerhouses confirmed my thinking that they were hypocrites.

As I tried to find my way in life the guilt, poor decisions and failures left me numb.  The harder I worked for something, the less respect I got.  People seemed to hate my abilities to exceed when they couldn't progress.
I wondered if there was something wrong with me, or if the world was wrong!

Rough working and reckless living took a toll on my body.  The result was being crippled up beyond medical fixing.  Surgery helped my back, but the damage was done.  Unable to work I found myself in desperation I'd never wish on anyone.  This is when worries became paralyzing.  The partying life I lived became an existence of self medicating that others might have overdosed for doing.  The worry was insane.

Folks talked to me about seeking help, but I had had my share of therapy counseling.  I thought about ending my life, but I feared that such an act would be the fulfillment of wishes to those that knew me.
It wasn't until I left everything  for one hope.  That hope was my writing, and it found its way to a woman that was a girl in my high school that I never knew.  She liked the work, and offered to edit it.

We talked about folks she knew that were looking for stories that might be made into movies.  There is where I found myself immersed.  In three years I wrote over a dozen books.  I picked up work where I could and as I could.  We had a dream and we were digging into it

There is an apologist for Christ on TV that has a show which airs on Sunday mornings.  When she tuned in to listen as background noise, I argued that I had no patience for such types of noise.  She kept tuning in
and eventually I heard him speak to my curiosity.  We went to his church and I never heard God talk as this man spoke.  I was hooked.

Studying scripture became very important to me.  Even my writing took on a willingness to include God's
ways.  The Spirit of God began His long convicting process upon me so as to change from who I was to what He is still making me.

My rage, fears and worries I give to God!  I pay attention to scriptures as Jesus taught such as not to worry.
Years it has been since I have developed this relationship with God through Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Yesterday my wife missed a signature delivery from Fed Ex.  She'd been expecting a package that contained childhood memories from a life she left a long time ago.  Her mother needed to receive 24/7 help due to her health.  Property was sold to pay for the care.  She came to know this on a facebook post from a niece she had reconnected with only a few years ago.

When I came home from work she seemed frustrated so I asked her what she was feeling.  After some
ambiguous reasons she said she believed there would be in the delivery of childhood items some type of nasty note.  Her childhood was very troubling and she was deeply scarred from it.  I tried to point out she may just be worrying about nothing, but she was convinced that the delivery would include some type of nastiness

Well the package came and there was no nastiness in it.

Just as we all have done at sometime or another,
we convince ourselves that certain probability is important enough to rob us of our peace. 
Then we find out our certain probability was a creation of our troubled thinking and wasn't even probable.

We have to press into the inspired words of God!  1Timothy 1:7. 
This is after Jesus told us not to worry.
Worry is taking your thoughts off the Living God and His love towards you.
It may help you to think of it as a type of Idolatry!

Change in yourself comes from developing an obedience towards God's wisdom.
The change takes time and persistent curiosity of knowing how God thinks and sees things
eventually leads you to fully accepting His advice and wisdom.

Turn off the world noise for a while and meditate on scripture.
What the world cannot offer you for truth, God surely can, but you need to build your relationship with Him.
Only then will the need for therapy, self medication, worry and fear, fall away from you as though it was in the rear view mirror while you are driving into His love, and away from your past!

Worry Not!

Peace and Blessings

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Freely Received, Freely Give

This post is a follow up to "Nothing to Lose" next post

This past week after answered prayers within Nothing to Lose, I find myself enjoying a cup of coffee with Don.  He has managed to move into a trailer as residence that is owned by the guy I work for by the job.
Don and he reached an agreement of work for rent.  He is here because water is not yet running in the trailer.
It will be today.  Work has already begun to make that happen.  I told Don that if the situation required he could spend a night or two with us, until his situation was livable.  So it is.

Jesus said to serve. I understand his meaning as, the greater the service, the greater the servant would be rewarded.  Don is a man that knows God, he just didn't know Him well enough.  Over the past week, I've been instructing him on how the Holy Spirit operates with men.  His progress is remarkable.  8 days ago, he was in a parking lot holding a sign looking for work. Yesterday he moved from his previous residence by eviction unto his new address.  He is working for his new diggs and has employment opportunity.

Don now has renewed hope.  He has a fresh curiosity of God's ways and his gratitude is abundant.
He keeps thanking me for the result of these 8 days, and I tell him plainly to thank the Lord.

There are different works the Lord will set us upon.  I do not know the why's of the Lord's way, all I know is His thoughts are not mine.  I have noticed that God seems to be directing me into finding those weak in faith for strengthening their faith.  My guess is that Don will come to find his way in receiving God's will for him and serve accordingly.  I know we are to spread the Gospel of Jesus to all the world, but sometimes reviving or educating believers is a priority to God.

This week has strained my financial budget.  I know God knows this, but it is also meant for Don's renewal.
Don's capacity to worry about circumstances was impressive 8 days ago, but as I have shown him operation of the Holy Spirit, we have had occasion to see the great dominos fall of God.  The need for cash resources will be met because God makes provision for the work he wills us to do.  As I remind Don of these promises, I can see in his eyes his spiritual man's mind turning.  Praise Jesus he is getting it and applying it.

This is the way I serve God for His Kingdom.  I am only a small part of that Kingdom, but it is better than any possession this world has to offer.


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Nothing to Lose

My prayers are answered with unforeseen and astonishing blessings.

This morning I woke knowing the work in front of me.  Completing the job I'm on seemed very far away, even though the completion date is this month's 19th day  While walking our dogs I talked to God, viewing his beautiful creation.  I thanked Him for the provision I'd be managing in a short time ahead.

Today my back pinched as I took uneven steps being pulled to one side or the other.  The long hours of physical labor have been taking a toll on my body.  This is a body previously injured, body medicine only repaired to a very limited functionality.  Only five years ago I couldn't work more than a 1/2 a day.  When I did perform that work, I was laid up for 2-3 days.

The fact that I work 6 days a week usually 11 hours a day cannot be explained unless miraculous healing is considered.  So when I feel the past agony and pain creeping up while walking two dogs of 150 pounds combined weight, I am very concerned about how easily I could become crippled up again.

I have been in prayer over our condition for quite sometime.  We are a one income household and just as the completion of the job seemed so far away our financial condition seemed to worsen even when production increased.  My wife could get a job to meet the gap, but that isn't an option.  She is busy completing a writing work the Holy Spirit had instructed her to put together.

I am not one to complain about much of anything.  I don't believe it serves any useful purpose, and moreover, I believe complaining about anything moves me further away from God.  To God alone I petition my condition of need, my lack of confidence, my exhaustion and my fear of not fulfilling His will, as best that I understand it.  This morning God heard that what I needed to accomplish was beyond my own ability.

The Devil has been tempting me trying to convince me that in serving God all I should expect is what I have, and maybe even less.  No worries, I know the Devil's dance  His seduction is mighty, but the Lord's Sacrifice is greater.

I went to work this morning finishing up an add on paint job for another property.  I thought of writing specifically about faith tonight and put it on the back burner. I made my way to Lowes for items I needed to bring the priority job towards completion.  As I went through the list of details to accomplish in my mind I pulled into the entry of the store.  At the final turn I saw a guy standing on the side of the road, holding a sign I didn't bother reading.  The Holy Spirit told me to say,  "I don't have any cash to give."  Without rejecting Him I yelled the same out my window.  The guy walked over to the door and lifted the sign so I could read it.  Then he said, he was willing to work for food.  A car pulled up behind me, so I moved up out of the way of traffic and parked the car.  The guy walked across the roadway to where I parked.  I got out of the car with pen and paper ready to take his number down.  Turns out the guy has no immediate number for contacting him, but I could leave a message he'd get for calling another number.

Despite what my worldly experience was telling me, the Holy Spirit urged me to stay put and listen, but to also ask questions.  After a ten minute exchange I invited him to park his scooter and come to work with me for the day.  He was ready to secure his scooter, but I told him I came to shop so shop I must.  He said he'd be waiting, which he was.

The ten foot counter top I'd otherwise manage alone later on in the day was now manageable.  A potential hire would also suffice my bosses need to accomplish a growing list of work.  When I came to know that this man named Don D also lived in a trailer park, my curiosity peaked!  My boss is actively seeking to buy more properties.  As far as Don knew the owner transferred the ownership of the lot to her daughter.  He also said that the entire park was occupied but in need of a great amount of rehab on all 60 units!

When I take up the wisdom of the invisible man, He in turn gives me glimpses of what the future is and how it will work out.  What I envisioned was one more blessing after another all meant for God's glory in His will for myself, Don, my boss and those I didn't even know.  Save Don and myself, none knew of what I was being shown.  Don only learned of it as the Holy Spirit revealed it to me.

After collecting the counter top we took the 45 minute drive to the job sharing in our walk with God.  When we got to work, Don listened and began.  With Don and while serving the Lord in what we did it seemed as though a day and a half of production was gained.  We worked for 5 hours!  Don is coming by for 8 AM tomorrow.  He understands the work to be done, and sees how it can be accomplished by the end of Sunday. We share the universal rhythm servants of God know.  I can only imagine what the results will be after a couple of full days of work!

 Minus the Sabbath, we have two days for production.  Then we are expected on another job.

During work today another customer of mine called.  She was taking delivery of a kitchen for a property I worked on a few months ago.  I told her maybe Monday I could squeeze her in.  She asked how many days.  I responded, One day!  I told her I had help.  I didn't fully commit but left it tentative with a high probability of being there.  That job is a bone because the pay is premium.  Only trouble is the travel time. I see this as affirmation from the Holy Spirit, as He shows me what blessings lie ahead.

I listen to ministers, preachers and the like almost all the time speaking to the operation of God's will.
I listen during the drive, while I work, and even after we get home.  Listening is fine  Listening sharpens your senses to hear the direction of God.  But acting on the direction of God and seeing what the obedience of acting on His direction is what I call Abundant Life.

Ceaseless prayer during faith stretching times presents a condition where God provides an opportunity.  When you seize the opportunity all the impossible that was in front of you scatters.  That light, once so far away at  the tunnel's end now warms the hope of all possible in God's will for us.

Don D's prayers were also answered.  His stretched faith also recognized that ceaseless prayer receive Boaz blessings only when he was expecting a few bucks to get through another dreary day!

All is well with my soul, and I know of two other souls that are well, concerning this answered prayer.
After tomorrow the wellness of other souls not privy today will also be well.

When I cast a stone in the air intending on striking a bird for dinner I am expecting to eat.
When God cast His stone into the air, the flock comes down, and I find myself having a feast.

Praise be to the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit!


Saturday, July 4, 2015

Under God

In a town just a few miles away from here two pastors are demonstrating  a flag protocol I have always considered to be logical and correct.


This may seem offensive to some that have no faith in the Almighty, but considering the condition of our country; I'd say, "Too Bad"!

While we celebrate Independence Day let us also consider our founders were in fact God fearing people.

Be safe, enjoy peace and embrace blessings.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Charleston, SC. Love Wins

The last victim of the AME Church was buried yesterday in Charleston.
Through the public support and past the Confederate Flag issue Charleston's people
remained a shining example of exactly how God's love wins.

No doubt the pain of such a great loss was ever agonizing and will be going forward for
an undetermined amount of time.  The victims were all cream of the crop types.
Anger, retaliation and ill considered justice lurked as shadows amidst the light of Love embracing
the city while it mourned.

If there is a model that America needs to study, and live by it is now found in this south eastern corner of our country. Charleston's Love has won against the onslaught of all things that turn other cities into war zones.
They did so by observing the commandments of God and also in seeking the wisdom of Jesus by giving their cares to the Lord.

Believers in God and Jesus worldwide can be strengthened in their faith for witnessing the comportment
of people in Charleston SC, during these times filled with hate, division and degradation of humanities
search to control their own destiny.

I thank the Father in Heaven in Jesus' name for the awesome way of His people and how they have demonstrated that Love Wins.

God's Love Wins