Saturday, January 25, 2014


In life we observe and do.  It is our job to sustain ourselves by our labors.
For a servant of God, we are also to teach His ways when the need is presented.
Such an opportunity is easy enough to perceive as it presents itself.  There are times
when the opportunity to teach is demanded.

Earlier today I was watching WBTV in Charlotte.  They have a frequent guest which claims
to be a life coach.  This life coach likes to educate folks in a simplistically devised acronym listed on the screen vertically.  Beside each letter is a description meant to guide behavior.

It is a simplistic but clever way to present oneself as an answer man.

Trouble comes when I email him so as to inform him of material he uses incorrectly.
On this particular occasion scripture from the books of Samuel had been appropriated for lesson giving.
It was used inaccurately and worse no attribution to God's power was offered.  Once I posted the correction to his email addy, my message was kicked back to me as undeliverable.

This is just one example of being blocked in such a manner.  I am working on a double digit list of being blocked.  In all honesty the reality is frustrating.  However, when I focus on what the Lord and Savior Jesus endured for expressing God's truth, I check myself for the frustration.  I take refuge in Galatians 1: 6-9.
Paul says men that would teach the wrong Gospel of Truth shall be accursed twice!

When I see misappropriation of God's word, I discern if it is honest error for misunderstanding, or whether it is a manipulative use for self gain.  The two are very different and must be dealt with differently.
Informing is done humbly, and kindly.  Rebuke is neither.  So it is no wonder being blocked is the result.

Before I studied the word of God, I spoke truthfully about mankind's truth.  There too I met with blacklisting.
Truth is often sought, but never accepted.  Usually truth sought is a matter of acceptable convenience for man.  When the truth becomes known as it always does, those accepting the reality of believing in the wrong truth is never really the majority.

I don't complain about being rejected.  I do however marvel at the dynamic.  The world seeks solutions to problems, but will not accept solutions.  Maybe it is because they don't truthfully understand their own contribution to the problem.

I am fortunate I can make a wage for a skill that doesn't involve discerning the foolishness of men.
This way I can earn a living.

I believe in life promised by Christ in eternity. I don't enjoy arguing truth for the sake of those unaware of their consequences.  None of that stand makes my life any easier.  But even as my life isn't easy for doing so, eternity separated from God is something I wish for nobody.  That is the battlefield.  Apparently the prince of the air, (Satan) is doing just as students of Christ were taught.  Deceiving the masses.

Blocked.  Unwilling to know the truth.

Unprofited Prophet.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Foolish Men

Romans 2: 20

An instructor of the foolish, a teacher of babes, which have a form of knowledge and of truth in the law.

Corinthians 1: 19-20

For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and bring nothing to the understanding of the prudent.
Where is the wise, where is the scribe? where is the disputer of this world? Hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?

It wasn't but just a few years ago that our country and the world determined a coming destruction for mankind's carbon footprint.  You recall former Vice President Al Gore and his predictions of the world ending.  He mentioned that polar ice caps would melt and the result would be flooding of coastal cities and low lying lands like Florida.  Don't you recall all the new legislation implemented to combat a problem that Al Gore wasn't sure could even save us?  Billions of dollars were appropriated to our condition of crisis.

This is the example spoken to in the first scripture within Romans.  Did you know Al Gore was a professor?
Aren't those that took his advice the babes with a form of knowledge in a truth of law man ascribed?

In Corinthians we are living in the destruction of wisdom from the formerly wise.  What can all those that claimed global warming as a truth say now?  Just this year we have seen two polar vortexes which are freezing the crops in low lying lands previously thought to be submerged from polar cap melting.

Where is the wise?  Where is the scribe?  Well there were scribes and wise men.  I was one of them and I did write of Al Gore's foolishness.  That writing was published in a book named Hypocronance.

The words are written on page 66-67.

Men or mankind lacking understanding of God's written word are highly susceptible to the foolish rantings of celebrity know it alls.

The leadership of our current president is unsatisfactory. By each day we live it becomes more apparent
that what was mentioned in 2010 in the same book is truth.  Today more folks are seeing the truth, and they are angry because they found themselves on the wrong side of truth revealed.  They wanted to believe that Obama was a great leader and voted their desire.  Now that they see they were wrong...  oh well nobody likes to be proven wrong.  But to suggest that Obama was less than a satisfactory leader when it wasn't known as I did, left me in a very unpopular position.  Many friends departed, as did family.  Have they
accepted the truth and sought to rebuild a relationship they cast away?  Not as of yet.

The climate control wasn't the only foolishness God laughed at for man's wisdom.
There are countless subjects on which scribes wrote of concerning man's folly.  But where were the scribes?
We were here, but we were ignored, or ridiculed, even blacklisted.
To this day the news that promoted Al Gore as godlike for his Nobel Peace Prize winning concerning climate
will say nothing of it while they report on frigid weather embracing the lower 48 states.
How many war theaters is our country in today?  Keep in mind Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize for
what?  Peaceful Leadership?  That was even before he began to lead the country.

I have considered what is yet to come concerning our future.  I have not been instructed as to how to be specific, or I am to self interested in my own condition to be worthy of writing Holy Spirit gift of prophesy these days.  Maybe I am weakened as Jeremiah was, I am not sure.
Generally speaking the condition for men ahead isn't good.  I read the words of God and see our present actions coming alive in God's prophesy.  Our country and culture doesn't make the connection.  In fact they
hate the consideration of knowing God's words.

The four pillars on this earth that are under the control of the prince of the air (Satan) are politics, finance, education and religion.  The prince of the air has so much control in each of these pillars that any bottom-up correction seems impossible.  As Satan is the great deceiver, it is likely that the controlling influences of these pillars will begin to attack each other as chaos and confusion grow.  Then the time will be ripe for the antichrist to appear.  This false messiah will make peace, offer security, and satisfy the fears of men.
Then once he is ready to claim influence over people in confidence the need for the True King will arrive.

In history prophets were killed so the peoples could move ahead without being reminded of their error.
I am quite literally alive and rejected.  I am not upset or even mad for the rejection.  How could I be?
God uses us as He wills.  My needs are met even if I wish for better living.

I woke up this morning to walk my dogs, and as I shivered in the brutal cold; the Holy Spirit reminded me of Man's foolishness.  The foolishness of men people will no longer remember to mention.
I pray for Al Gore.  He might be a very lonely and wanting man in his 30,000 sq ft mansion living in Tennessee wondering about heating it in these bitterly cold days, making all of his once wise words completely foolish.

Here is a link of writing if you wish to test prophetic writings I speak to on this post.

Unprofited Prophet

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lyrics lacking music

For a time I have listened to Gospel music.
Some of it I liked, some not so much.
As I listened I wondered why God's word couldn't have
an overview from beginning till now.

Here are the words:

Truth ain’t a lie, but it is free to deny

Angels knew men,
Giants were born
God’s creation corrupted
Iniquity and sin in all the land
God’s repentance came alive
One worthy of salvation,
all else to die.
His covenant to Noah,
a rainbow in the sky.

Truth ain’t a lie but it is free to deny

Another promise made long ago
Abram received from the most high God
don’t you know?
Father of nations,
Abraham you will be,
just because you have faith in Me.
Your descendents will be numbered as the stars in the sky
Isaac will be from your flesh in old age,
Then Jacob I’ll call, ‘Israel’ will pave the way.

Truth ain’t a lie, but it is free to deny

Joseph will live in a land unafraid
He’ll rule over foreigners
serving the promise the most high God made.
400 years God’s people grew.
Changes in time they forgot truth,
misery and bondage was what they knew.
Moses killed for knowing a lie,
Set on the desert certain to die, he wandered his way into a life.

Truth ain’t a lie, but its free to deny

Moses learned to be less than he was
A Sheppard of flocks he lived by the day,
searching his purpose by the stars of the night
he happened upon a curious sight.
A glow in the mountain above the plain
grumblings in the clouds, seemed profane.
Against warnings he climbed, they thought him insane.
Atop the mount burned a bush with a voice
I AM THAT I AM, you have no choice.

Truth ain’t a lie, but it is free to deny.

Moses gave to the folks I AM and His Laws
From the most high God to the Almighty IAM
Moses and his people of Israel wandered the land.
By great and mighty miracles they escaped Pharoah’s dreadful fate
In 40 years of wilderness some began to hate.
In keeping His promise to Abraham nations so great
I AM had to separate wheat from chaff.
Those that murmured and rebelled
were culled out of Israel, into hell.

Truth ain’t a lie, but it is free to deny.

Same side of the Jordan River is where Moses got lost.
Joshua took up where Moses left off
Delivered his people to Promised Land across
War was before them, all of which I AM told
Victory after victory a great nation, all to behold.
12 tribes to their inheritance as promised to be
Israel prospered for a time as they lived free.
Rebellion to the law demanded, judges, profits and priests
Up until the nation of Israel demanded a king.

Truth ain’t a lie, but it is free to deny.

A king was anointed,
but I Am put it to cost
Your king will take from you,
making you realize loss.
The king will take sons, daughters,  
best of your fields,
vineyards, crops and servants
a tenth of your wealth.
Your new king is Saul toast his health.

Truth ain’t a lie, but it is free to deny.

In the law I AM gave many did strive
Living wrongly or rightly all men died.
In the struggles of life under His Law
The peoples’ greatness came to his great flaw.
Sam told Saul the will of Almighty I AM.
Kill the enemy and all that they own.
In victory Saul’s anointing came to an end,
Spoils he kept for favor of his men.
Pride was his sin before his fall.

Truth ain’t a lie, but it is free to deny.

I AM instructed Sam to find a man of His Heart
Go to see Jesse that is where you’ll start.
Seven sons before Sam, none were I AM’s choice.
Sam said to Jesse none of these will do.
The youngest a Sheppard was out in the field
they sent for him, God’s will revealed.
For his youth and care, I AM declared
Arise and anoint him,
This is he, whom my Spirit will be heir.

Truth ain’t a lie, but it is free to deny.

King Saul had a demon in his head
It was the harp of David from which the demon fled.
Relieved of one torment Saul faced another
Goliath a giant challenges Israel’s wonder.
No man of the nation knew braveness that day
Along came David on Jesse’s errand
Food for his brothers, no harp in hand.
The giant cried out taunting the men
From David’s sling one stone was the Giants end.

Truth ain’t a lie, but it is free to deny.

David a Sheppard with a harp and sling
A mighty warrior Israel sings
Thousand of the enemy undone by Saul
Ten Thousand of the enemies by David’s hand fall.
The king’s jealously is David’s fate
He did nothing but run from ruling hate.
Twice he refused to end the king’s life
Loyalty to I AM’s king
meant more than his own strife.

Truth ain’t a lie, but it is free to deny.

Because I AM favored David
David’s sin of murder and adultery
left him with evil against his house.
His wives’ taken by a neighbor
for David to see
He also lost the son of adultery.
David from his sin was free.
A son of peace and perfect
Solomon came from I AM.

Truth ain’t a lie, but it is free to deny.

Night at Gibeon, Solomon slept
All the laws of I AM he kept
So In Solomon’s dream I AM crept.
What shall I give the son of David?
Lord God most high
Give thy servant a heart of understanding
To discern wrong from right
keeping your peoples upright
worthy for my father David’s delight.

Truth ain’t a lie, but it is free to deny.

Solomon’s wisdom
marvel of the world.
Peace foretold,
fortunes unknown,
a perfection in namesake
I AM directed.
Lust of idols against I AM’s command
Solomon lost kingship of the land.
Rehoboam retained Judah, Jeroboam king of ten tribes

Truth ain’t a lie, but it is free to deny.

Kings are men and men will sin
Israel’s disobedience a downward spin.
Most High’s promise to Abraham must be kept
I AM chose Elijah as His elect.
Cake and oil for a widow
Return of her son’s life
Challenge to false prophets
Cost them their lives
I AM’s righteousness shown in Elijah’s ways

Truth ain’t a lie, but it is free to deny.

Before Elijah was taken up
Elisha asked for twice his heart.
Asked for and answered before Elijah’s depart
Elisha became the first of many knowing IAM’s heart.
Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekial and Daniel
Major prophets Israel wouldn’t understand.
Hosea to Malachi I AM’s patience did stand.
Enduring enslavement from Babylon till Rome
Nation of Israel could not get to home.

Truth is a lie, but it is free to deny.

From the foundations of creation
The Most High God, I AM,
Yaheveh, our Father above
Sent perfection in flesh,
Yeshua the savior walking under a dove.
From Adam announced by John Jesus was sent
Miracles and wisdom all that heaven’s creation could present.
Reconciliation to God men could be free
Repent my children eternity is yours here with Me.

Truth ain’t a lie, but it is free to deny.

I'll be presenting these words to select folks I know in the music realm.
The marriage of melody and words is open to any.
The Holy Spirit will see to what he designs.

Unprofited Prophet

Monday, January 13, 2014

Windows to the Soul

This morning I woke to my daily rituals.
As I walked the dogs greeting the day, my eyes couldn't escape beauty of the morning sky
I had never seen before.  It is sure that rain is coming because of the morning red skies.  However, the red
was so much more than red.  A pink, orange and crimson blend of light was framed by the coolness of a turquoise blue licked by purple and gray from mountains below and clouds above.  I knew immediately I had never seen such a sky before!  Truly I was grateful.  A brief glimpse of spectacular beauty unusual for these many recent days. 

The dog's need was met and the coffee brewed earlier was ready for consumption. The next work of the day was in front of me.  A job I have been on for one reason or another isn't in operation.  I keep seeking work presenting myself for opportunities many others seek as well.  Prosperity is not abundant.  I can only ask of the Father to show me His ways.

I sipped on the coffee prepared thankful for the warm comfort in my hands.  It took some time for me to realize a prayer was being answered.  God's ways demanded a search for scripture to consider and write of for my own clarity.

The scripture I was thinking on is contained in the book of John.  Upon examination I realized the account of the scripture put on my mind, meant more than the specific detail which pulled me to research.  The detail was Jesus giving sight to the man whose eyes were anointed with mud.

I have read the account of John 9 several times.  This day I was given revelation I had never understood before.  Maybe it was the newness I witnessed of a morning sunrise, maybe it is the answering of the prayer I have sought for a while.

Jesus and His Apostles were walking by this man blind from birth.  The Apostles asked Jesus whose sin was the reason for the man's blindness?  Was it his or was it his parent's sin?  Obviously the Apostles were thinking of an assumption common to the day.  There must be a cause for his condition.  Such was the thinking of those living under the law of Moses.

Now imagine the never heard response to the Apostles Jesus mentioned for an answer.
Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the works of God should be manifest in him.
The Apostles had seen many miracles as written earlier in the Gospel of John, so what was new about this miracle?

Unlike immediate miracles Jesus previously showed the masses, this miracle required a following of directions after a very specific application of hands on anointing.  Witnesses that knew the man wondered how he had gained sight.  His explanations made it all the way to the leaders which weren't believing that Jesus was who he claimed to be.  The leaders even questioned the man's parents to validate that he was blind from birth.  What was even more amazing that the man with restored sight only knew Jesus by name, he had never seen Jesus.  It wasn't until later that he did come to see Jesus and believe that he was the Son of God, thereby falling to his knees and worshiping him.

Jesus wasn't yet done.  John 9: 39-41 explains the account.

For judgment I am come into this world, that they which not may see, and that they which see might be made blind.
And some of the Pharisees which were with him heard these words, and said unto him, Are we blind also?
Jesus said unto them,  If ye were blind, ye should have no sin: but now ye say, We see; therefore your sin remaineth.

The blind man never saw until Jesus interacted.  He never asked either for restored vision.  But as he did come to see for others to wonder he replied Jesus put mud on my eyes and told me wash them, then I saw.
That was his testimony to anyone wanting to know.  His sight was his coupon to faith and believing.
Others unwilling to believe his account were unwilling to accept that God was in the flesh in front of their very eyes plain to see.

Imagine that one of the Apostles named Thomas doubted the other Apostles accounts of be seen as risen from the dead.  This account is in John 20: 27-29  'Doubting Thomas' is the contemporary coining of the incident.

Depending on how well you understand God's plan according to what is written in scripture is demonstrated very clearly in studying this account of John 9.  What is it you see?  Do your vision senses keep you in bondage to the troubles of this world?  At what point do you believe without the advantage of seeing this world as it is?  Do you suffer from stress?  Do you find yourself in worry, unrest or fear?  If you claim to know scripture and the words of God why are you assailed by life's troubles?  What is it that you must see before your faith is as complete as the blind man with restored sight?

This world is becoming confusion.  It has been proven as incapable in solving problems.  Money is applied to the problems without any measures of success.  Men without knowing God's plan will do what comes naturally and will do so claiming to be just while living in the fruits of injustice, safety and prosperity.  Any person that can see today knows the lies and inequity of man.  Aren't our politicians doing as the Pharisees did as in the days of Jesus?  But each of them will always say God Bless America when they want money or a vote.

What do the windows of your Soul demand from you?  Do you think we can solve our own problems?  Do you hope with impossibility that our blessings as a nation will magically return to us?  Or are you of the mind that the only salvation left in days coming is a faith in God's promise?

Blessed are those that have not seen, but believe.

Unprofited Prophet

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Familiar Spirits

Samuel 28:7

Then said Saul unto his servants,  Seek me a woman that has a familiar spirit, that I may go to her, and enquire of her.  And his servants said to him,  Behold there is a woman that hath a familiar spirit at Endor.

My brethren, consider our culture today.  Look at the popularity of paranormal TV shows, and movies.
Read the entertaining books of sorcery and see the little children desire the powers of magic.
I ask of you, is this just entertainment?  When does the realm of entertainment become a prison removing us from God?

Acts 12:5

Peter was therefore kept in prison; but prayer was made without ceasing of the church unto God for him.

There are many scriptures that inspire us to meditate and pray to God without ceasing.  So how do we find ourselves busy in these days focusing on demonology, sorcery and witchcraft as entertainment?  Where are the pastors of the Christ's church rebuking such interests?  If we can not hear the proper ministry of God's wisdom in what to avoid, do we accept the inequity of evil as entertainment?

How many children do you suppose know plainly of Harry Potter as opposed to the prophet Samuel, or any of the Apostles teaching us the words of God?  How many parents believe that reading accounts of Harry Potter are beneficial for the child's reading comprehension in secular standards of man's wisdom?
Do these parents not know that our culture's literary foundations was taught by scriptural study?
What of the truths of wisdom taught in proverbs?  Are they more important than Satanic rituals we seek that destroy souls of the curious?

In any of the paranormal movies available to watch, what is the end result?  Terrible death.  Why is there such a curiosity of wickedness in evil forces of nature?  Why is the fiction of good and bad as a never ending battle given up to the fiction of man's creation, rather than the truth most men consider as fictitious?

In the words God has given us, there is a unseen reality of a battle within the heaven above of good and evil.
There is also a clear warning given to the reader of God's words concerning His prophecy.
Revelation 22: 18-19

Why in your church do you not hear a clear and distinct rebuke of seeking with passion the things God says to be evil?  Has our culture become so self confident we assume that seeking our entertainment is acceptable rather than seeking a worthy relationship with God?

Do you read horoscopes daily, or do you read scripture?
Why do you focus on obituaries, rather than the words from the bread of life?

My brethren I urge you to go beyond the teachings of your church for your salvation.  Ministries today do not preach relevant subjects to avoid.  Our culture is immersed in sorcery, witchcraft, demonology, numerology and never ending humanism before the ceaseless meditation and praying to God for Salvation.

Familiar Spirits are eager to take residence in your heart.  It is the Spirit of God that is already in your heart which gets neglected for the pursuing the corrupt nature of flesh overseen by evil on this earth.
The Savior Jesus was complete in casting out demons.  Some Apostles did similarly, others had not the truth to do so.  If God's servants worked so diligently in casting out demons from the evil one, why then do you invite the familiar spirits into your heart?

Unprofited Prophet

Spiritual Currency

Love is patient and kind, not jealous, not boastful, not proud, rude or selfish,
not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not gloat over other people's sins, but it does take delight in truth.
Love always bears up, always trusts, always hopes, always endures.

But for now, three things last---
trust, hope, love;
the greatest of these is love.
Pursue Love!

Many readers of God's Word know of these scriptures written by the Apostle Paul.
I wonder of those who know the words.  Knowing of such ideas is one thing, but applying them is another.

Our culture can be measured by these words of spiritual currency.
Unfortunately for our culture that measure won't be known as profitable by those charged in managing
a healthy and wealthy account for God's Kingdom to come.

Individually we may practice some traits of love's description, but as a people we have no common
agreement towards achieving the intention Paul was instructing us to practice.
If you turn on the news, what are the prevailing stories being reported?
Is truth delighted, or do we examine the failings of notable people?
What else do we see on our news?  Aren't the topics of coverage today usually about legislation, money, employment or rights?

Yesterday I read an email sent.
If you are uninterested in reading the link let me cover the subject.
A group of nuns, known as The Little Sisters of the Poor are the subject example.
These nuns look after the elderly and give them dignity at the end of their earthly existence.
They are resisting ACA legislation because of clauses in it, which go against their spiritual beliefs.

The article also expresses an opinion of what the government is doing and that it is a violation of
1st amendment rights.  I have personally interacted with the author by email in previous years and she is widely read by those claiming to be faithful.

The intention of standing up for The Little Sisters of the Poor is worthy.  To be sure this disagreement is one to pay attention of going forward.

The disagreement at hand becomes wider after the intention of standing up for the Little Sisters.
The wideness of the disagreement contains no spiritual currency.  In fact, the only currency pointed to is currency man makes important.

Money, property and liberty of expression are the values of concern.  The corrupting of these values comes by a false religion, or worship towards governance.  Even the faithful count monies lost in penalties for standing on principle.

The truth of our culture is not difficult to see.
A slight majority of people have chosen to put faith in government.  They are unaware of deceptions they accept in wrongly placed faith.  Either by ignorance of God's Word, or willing choice to dismiss the words of God, they believe that a government immersed in corruption can deliver love while hoping to trust the corruption as a benefactor.  Those of faith put the currency of man's importance forward as the contention of difference and nowhere can hope, trust and love of the Father be found.

The charitable and faithful service of The Little Sisters of the Poor is the red meat tossed into Colosseum of fleshy worship.

The Savior mentions serving God and serving money along with the failings of trying to serve both.
Matthew 6:24.  If that wasn't enough, the good doctor Luke diagnoses the same Luke 16: 9-13.  He makes the prognosis clear.  How do the faithful reconcile the wideness of the above disagreement to the Savior's instructions?

I am sure of one thing.  Our culture is immersed in currencies of man and not of God.  Faithful or not our culture demonstrates time and again that our interests are in the paranormal, sorcery and idolatry of self and of money.  Look at the TV shows on, look at the involvement of gaming in the virtual world.  Look at what our churches make important.  Isn't making contributions to churches and the like letting the left hand know what the right hand does?  Do we not report our contributions rather them keep them in secret?  How is any of this counted by those in heaven's charge of wealth considered?

Jeremiah warned Jerusalem to return to what God commanded.  He gave them warning over and over to his own detriment and it went unheeded to the cities overthrow and destruction.  Are we as a nation any different than a modern Jerusalem?  We are a debtor nation.  We have as a slight majority replaced the sovereign, almighty nature of God to a governance of men.  Even our faithful dispute the nature of man's currency rather than keep the currency of heaven.  Is our modern Babylon, China, or Russia?  Will our great Rome collapse from within?

What blessing from above can a nation count on receiving when the nation no longer looks to on high?
The issue of The Little Sisters of the Poor is adeptly being misconstrued by the prince of this earth.  Yes the devil, Satan is a scriptural lawyer that twists God's intention.  The actions of the righteous are made into fiery darts from the wicked as to ideas and manipulated reactions.  The faithful assume that the enemy is manifested as a government body full of evil doers.  What they have forgotten or misplaced is that the enemy is of principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

If our news reporters will not bring the light to those in the shadows of darkness in high places what can we expect except to remain ignorant?  What is our condition in ignorance?

Hosea 4:6
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou has rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shall be no priest to me: seeing as thou have forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

As great as the claim is of our country from the faithful in being faithful it is my warning that many will be counted as goats on the left hand come the day of judgement.  The Little Sisters of the Poor will go to the right for they do as Christ instructed.  Those widening the disagreement of this issue may think their actions are righteous for vitriolic support of the sisters.  To those of self deception the Savior will say, "I Never Knew You."

This nation of ours will not endure, no matter how much we wish it to be.  Our slight majority puts faith in the nation over God.  Those claiming to know God fight over fleshy currencies, and in no place apparent is there
trust, hope or love of God's promise found except in the quiet deeds of those being made as the read meat of our fleshy Colosseum of hateful ranting.

Embrace and pursue Love!

Unprofited Prophet

Saturday, January 4, 2014

no more words...

For many years I've tried to explain things to come.
Since the words took no root, I've had to focus on imagery.
Seeing as our economy has been slowed to a snail's pace, I found I had a great amount of time I wished not to spend idle. 

Because I am all about exploiting applied energies I thought about all I was seeing in our culture.
TV has become a multi-course menu format of inanity, mysticism, paranormal wonder and anything that removes us from natural truths.  So I asked myself, what must be done to befriend and embrace a world so full of distractions?

News of politics isn't news anymore.  News of entertainment isn't entertaining as it once was when Hollywood was king.  We are immersed now in remakes of old stories bent on nostalgic feel goodism.

I noticed the antics of some celebrities, notably Miley Cyrus.  As I once saw Madonna go to mediocrity, I was hopeful to offer Miley's father a potential that may be redeeming for the young woman about to cast her life away.  I've emailed the man Billy Ray Cyrus at his Blue Cadillac webpage, but I fear it is likely not updated or visited.  My thinking was simple.

Since Miley likes to show her posterior as much as she does, she may as well make a business of the show.
I also though of this new word that is a buzz called 'Twerking'.  After I inquired the meaning of the word, I made an association of another trending cultural absurdity known as hand gesticulation made popular in the #Occupy days.  You know what I am talking about.... the sign that demonstrates loving an idea.
Two hands placed together to form a heart. 
The result and culmination of this nitwitt thinking became manifest and is seen below.

It took me about 50 hours to hand embroider this prototype.
Notice I included the rainbow coloration so as to be embracing of all folks appreciating fashion.

It was my idea to get a celebrity type like Miley to make an investment in this type of clothing line for a few reasons.  Miley could Twerk Luv without disrupting her current appetites, and develop a business that may someday be profitable to her.  She could effectively employ folks without work that possess sewing skills, for a personalized desired image pre-ordered from others wanting a unique piece offered by 'Love Twerk Apparel'.  The templates could be applied to the particular garment as ordered by the customer.

The only flaw to my thinking was in the networking approach.  I assumed that a guy with an Achy Breaky Heart had any sense to improve upon his daughter's future.  Never mind any of that, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

The greater good lies in accomplishment for those with a skill set currently not being utilized.  The prototype is simple enough and so is the business idea.  In our current business climate something so simple could be the seeds needed to jump-start a pervasive growth, nobody else seems to accomplish.

Why Hollywood munchy crunchy types aren't grabbing up this idea, I can only assume they are as desperate as I thought.  I see once employed movie stars now doing stupid commercials as ambassadors for non profits, or spokespeople for the needy. 

What if one of these celebrity types saw the wisdom of such thinking as "Twerk Love Apparel' and put people back to work so that they would have a disposable income, thereby able to fund new creative screenplays so they could once again work towards for the sake of making America the land of Opportunity?

Just Twerk Love and tell the world it is on your ass!

Unprofited Prophet